Display Systems

Our customers commission us to develop individual operating and display systems for the visualization of vehicle-relevant data – from single units to series production:

  • Full graphic instrumentation based on the display
    • OLED, TFT, LCD
    • Control via standard interfaces such as LVDS, RGB parallel, inova APIX
    • Brightness control and white balance
    • Display brightness enhancement and optimization for daylight
  • On-board computer systems
  • Classic dial instruments
  • LED-based symbols for backlighting technology
  • Signal and warning tones
  • On-board network connection via standard interfaces (CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay)
  • Black panel effect

Comfort control units

We develop individual control units for sensor data acquisition and actuator control:

  • Sensor data acquisition
    • Analog / digital sensors
    • Buttons / switches, etc.
    • Hall sensor acquisition
    • CAN / LIN-based sensor technology
    • GPS data acquisition
    • Sensorless speed detection of DC motors
  • Control of a wide variety of actuators
    • DC / BLDC motors
    • Valves
  • Communication interfaces
    • CAN / LIN / FlexRay
    • Gateway implementations

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